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Idea & concept: Imke Jelen, Sabine Kößling

Texts: Barbara Eschenburg, Oliver Fischer

Translation: Vanessa Glover (Royal School of Languages e.K.)

Editing: Imke Jelen, Annika Schmidt, Marlene Hartmann

Website & realisation: gradwerk, Annika Schmidt, Imke Jelen, Thomas Neubert

Graphics: studio other types, Thalea Bellin, Luise Boyken

Picture credits

We would like to thank all rights holders of image, sound and film documents for the permissions granted. In cases where exact proof was not possible, the Buddenbrookhaus/Heinrich-und-Thomas-Mann-Zentrum asks the copyright holders for their indulgence. If, despite careful research, existing copyrights to images have been overlooked, these will of course be compensated within the framework of the usual agreements.